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DollarPassion Case Study (From Zero to 10X ROI)

In this case study, you will learn how I grew a consulting and training business from nothing to something. Back in December 2019, I bought the domain “DollarPassion” for only about $25. Someone else was using the domain for a Shopify store and let it expire.

Full Story

At first, I was thinking about using the domain name for a blog about making money online. I decided to niche down and make the website all about how to sell digital services online, which I was doing for going on 10 years.

I heard of so many people struggling with selling products online, especially during the pandemic. I wanted to help people with selling digital services online so they can make extra income or replace their job. I have been blessed to experience working remotely before it became popular.


Before even creating the first offer, I focused on building a community first. I used Reddit to create the subreddit and shared my story. I remember seeing the first 100 members join the subreddit. It now has over 4,000 members. I just kept posting valuable content and answering questions.

Next, I bought an Instagram page for only $100. I grew the page from only about 100 followers to over 900 followers just from using Instagram Reels and hashtags. I get so many direct messages every from Instagram users who have questions or are interested in my offers.

I also created the Facebook group, which has over 800 members and the Discord has over 100 members. The email list has over 2,500 people who opted in to learn more from me. My previous email list from my first agency business had less than 2,000, so DollarPassion’s email list is my biggest success to date!

Focus on building your own community online and learn more about the pain points or roadblocks your target audience is dealing with.


During the time period of growing DollarPassion’s community, I created my first offers. I sold two e-book guides, but eventually made the first one I wrote available for free with a masterclass training. I decided to turn the e-book into my lead magnet that teaches people at no cost.

I now offer a bundle deal of e-books for a set price that a lot of people loved after they downloaded and consumed the content.

What happened next? I offered 1 on 1 consulting to give more personalized and tailored advice to those that wanted more help. I learned that I really like sharing my knowledge, experience, strategies, and mistakes with others during the process. I also offered a SAAS solution that helped users with prospecting and collecting data using Linkedin. I sold that part of the business after reaching 1000 users.


During most of 2020, I kept getting messages that asked me if I had a course. I never even thought about creating a course in my life, I was always used to doing done-for-you services with my agency business. People wanted video content from me and not just advice or e-books.

I finally set up a landing page for the program and it shared all the juicy details of what is going to be included in the program. You get video modules with group coaching along with a private community. I did a beta launch and accepted pre-orders.

To my surprise, so many students enrolled in my first ever program without even creating it yet. To me, it is like you are a music artist working on a new album or a game developer working on a new video game…you accept pre-orders before you even finish the project (in my case before you get started).

Organic & Paid Traffic

To grow the consulting and training business, I knew I needed organic and paid traffic from Google. I tested out Google Ads for make money online-related keywords and it worked! Check out the example below:

I got 675 conversions from my first campaign after spending a little over $2,000. You have to do A/B Testing to see which ads perform the best then scale the best performing one.

I first learned about the power of ranking on Google with my first agency business called KickRank (sold to another entrepreneur). I created blog content for DollarPassion then shared it on popular social media channels. I did an outreach campaign for link-building acquisition and ranked the blog content on the first page of Google for the targeted keywords.

Google sends the most traffic to the website, which is why I love Google and you should too. I used my SEO skills to rank for keywords on Google and even social media.


From growing my first agency to growing my first consulting and training program, I enjoy watching things go from nothing to something. Growing startups from zero to revenue or from where they are today to more profit tomorrow.

I started SumoGrowth to help tech founders with growth marketing and SEO. I love using SEO to grow organically and paid ads to grow rapidly.

If you are an agency owner or consultant then let me help you generate more high-quality leads and close more deals.

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Darius Gaynor


Darius Gaynor

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