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Ready to Grow a Profitable Multi-Six Figure Drop Servicing Agency?

Do you want to have a proven system to make money online reselling digital services?

You have tried other make money online methods like dropshipping, but realized it was not a good long-term strategy or (money-making strategy!).


Ugh! Slow shipping, inventory running out, and refunds from unhappy customers.


…but what if there was a better way?


Have you heard of drop servicing? It is a business model where you sell digital services that you don’t fulfill yourself. Instead, you hire freelancers and experts to do the work for you.


All you have to do is focus on bringing in new leads and closing clients (ahhhh, can you smell the money?).


The beauty of drop servicing is you don’t have to ship anything (adios’, lost packages in the mail!), worry about inventory, or constant returns from unhappy customers. 


So what does this mean for you? 


Higher profit margins, more time, and more freedom.

Sound familiar...

It's time for you to own a real profitable online business and transform your life.

Imagine how successful you could be if you...

have a proven method to go from no clients to closing your first client within 21 days

get support and personalized feedback as you grow your agency business

have access to templates, scripts, and software to make it easier to grow


Drop Servicing Accelerator

The #1 Digital Agency Education Program

This teaches you how to start, grow, and scale a multi 6 figure Drop Servicing Agency Business powered by AI.

let's dig into the details

Here's what we will focus on...

Phase ONE

Digital Service Startup

  1. Determining your industry
  2. Deciding on your money-making service
  3. Aligning with your ideal clients who will pay you

Phase TWO

Recruiting Freelancers

  1. How to find the right experts for your business
  2. How to send messages that get responses
  3. Tips to building relationships with freelancers (even if you are introverted)


High-Converting Website

  1. How to build a website that converts
  2. Tips to creating very engaging landing pages
  3. How to turn website visitors into leads

Phase four

Marketing Mayhem

  2. Using outreach and organic traffic
  3. ChatGPT prompts on steroids 

Phase five

Leads on Autopilot

  1. How to get new leads consistently
  2. Linkedin and cold email using ChatGPT
  3. Lead generation strategies to bring in sales

Phase six

Nail that Sales Opportunity

  1. How to get potential clients to buy right away
  2.  Become a master at handling objectives and building rapport
  3. Get the best closing techniques to spend less time pitching

phase seven

Onboarding Client Easily

  1. How to set clear expectations
  2. Learn how to effectively communicate
  3. Break your fulfillment process down


Challenge & ChatGPT

  1. Get your first clients within 21 days
  2. Drop servicing using ChatGPT prompts
  3. Proven sales scripts and templates

Oh...but you thought I was done?

You also get these bonuses

Community & Support

Personalized feedback in my Discord and accountability. Get all the answers to your questions and network.

Sales Scripts & Templates

Sell your services easier and faster with sales scripts, templates, and AI prompts for faster productivity.

Challenge & Tools

Get access to my first client challenge and the best recommended tools to book appointments consistently.

Here's what my past students are saying...

Darius helped me start a profitable video editing agency business that increased my business revenue by 63%!

Breonna Queen

The focus on providing value to your customers is clearly a major key to success, and you’ve done a great job at giving us examples on how to do so and the results that can come from being a trustworthy guy.


still unsure if this program is for you?

Lets recap everything that you get:

Over 40 video lessons and PDF documents for you to download
(value = $6000)

Personalized feedback within the private community
(value = $4000)

Scripts, templates, and prompts so you don’t waste time 
(value = $1500)

Access to my affiliate program to make more money
(value = $1000)

When you add that all up, it’s over $10,000+ worth of value

but you can enroll today for only $297!

Have we met?

I'm Darius, your Host for this program

With over 10 years of experience reselling digital services online and sold multiple profitable startups. Now, I am helping others.

Are you ready to transform your personal life and grow your new drop servicing agency business powered by AI at the same time?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop Servicing is reselling digital services online and freelancers do the work. You just focus on getting new clients and the freelancers do the fulfillment of the services sold.

You get monthly access to all the video modules, documents, and scripts. Discord for daily support (cancel anytime).

Ongoing private Zoom coaching is not included, but you have access to Discord for daily on demand support via messages. 

If you prefer private mentorship and coaching on Zoom calls. Click HERE to apply.

No! You only get access to our AI software if you purchase it separately. Click HERE to watch the demo.

You can go at your own pace. Every video is less than 20 minutes to learn and you only need up to an hour a day to start your drop servicing business.

I bet you can’t Google what I know! I say this because I have over 10 years of experience with growing and selling drop servicing businesses. You are learning from my stories, experience, content, strategies, mistakes, failures, and success. Use my exact proven method instead of mindlessly watching YouTube videos.

Yes! This program will help you get more clients and recruit other freelancers. Turn freelancing into your own agency business.

YES! All you have to do is get recurring monthly clients. It adds up to $10,000-$100,000 in monthly recurring revenue overtime. Keep current clients happy while landing new clients!

Success Varies! 75%+ students that follow the steps, ask questions, and take action are seeing a massive amount of good results from new leads to booked appointments to closed deals.

We use Stripe and Paypal to process payments. Contact us for other payment alternatives. 

You can purchase this program with any debit or credit card. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are accepted. Transactions are safely secured.

Everything is included in the program. You also have the option to use our software or other recommended software. Monthly agency business software expenses are only $500 or less!

You will get a welcome email after your payment and same day access. The email will give you everything you need for access to the program and community. 

No refunds and no guarantees due to this offer being a digital product.

You will get access to all the videos, documents, scripts, and daily support. You just need to learn and take action to make your small return on investment back plus make six figures and beyond!

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(Success varies but your investment has the potential to make you SIX FIGURES and beyond for life.)

Disclamer: Particular results cannot be predicted  nor guaranteed, as results differ for each individual.

Enrolling in the Drop Servicing Accelerator program is not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. The level of success in attaining the results depends on the time devoted to the program, ideas, techniques used, finances, knowledge, and various skills. Each individual’s results depend on his or her unique background, dedication, desire, motivation, actions, and numerous other factors. You fully agree that there are no guarantees as to the specific outcome or results you expect.  Any testimonials showing our success or the success of our clients are not to be interpreted as common, or to be expected.