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What exactly is SumoGrowth Links?

The focus of our solution is very similar to the process you follow for broken link building. You will get a link attached to keywords you want to target in an aged piece of content on top blogs and news websites, related to your website.

Where are the SumoGrowth Links placed?

Your links will exist naturally within the flow of the aged blog posts. Even though your link was added afterwards by our team, the content and your edited links will all be crafted to appear naturally as if they had been there forever.

How long will the link placements last?

Placements will usually last indefinitely, however, we do guarantee placements for at least 90 days. The majority will be around for years later and all will remain at least while the blog owner runs their blog. It’s inevitable that over time you would experience a link loss which is just the nature of link building as bloggers may choose to not run their site anymore or even change focus. Only when the blog no longer exists, you will lose your link, which rarely happens.

What if you can't find any websites related to my niche?

If there is some kind of problem with your niche we will let you know upon reviewing your order and provide a full refund. We haven’t yet been unable to fulfil an order and this will only be the case in small industries, where link building can be slightly more difficult.

What countries do you secure placements in?

We secure placements on US & UK blogs however, as our client base increases we have started to secure more placements in Australia too. All blogs will be in the English language only and placements are secured on various TLDs like .com, .co.uk, .net, .org.

Who writes the quality content for the blogs?

We have our own exceptionally remote, talented, vetted and fully rated writing team who will carefully craft and add value to the existing blog post to ensure your link appears natural and the blog owner loves it.

How relevant will the content be?

We’ll match the relevancy of your links to the most suitable opportunities our outreach team find within your order parameters.

Popular subjects are easier to find relevant content for, however you’ll have our assurance that the links we secure will be within the flow of carefully crafted relevant content our remote copywriting team produces.

Do you take orders for adult, gambling, or other industries?

We only focus on industries that are not related to adult, gambling, and pharmaceuticals. CBD is welcomed!

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