How to Find Clients Using Linkedin


Trying to find clients using Linkedin for your business can be pretty complicated with the sheer number of channels that people can choose to market on. LinkedIn has proven to be one of the absolute best ways that someone can find clients to grow their business.

It is pretty smart to use LinkedIn, especially if your target customers are business owners and people who are in the professional world. It is almost like Instagram, but everyone has a professional career or business.

Below are some of the best ways to find clients that you can serve for your drop servicing business. There are many other methods, but here are the main ones for your convenience so that you can find clients in an effective way.


  1. Optimize Your Profile


The first step might be the most important, and that is why LinkedIn even mentioned it themselves. Before you even do any kind of outreach, you need to make sure that your profile is in top shape.

A terrible profile or one that is confusing is going to be a major turn-off for any potential drop servicing client. Think of it as a first impression of someone. If they look messy and are not tidy, then their credibility is already destroyed in your eyes.

If a business owner or other professional does not like or trust you, then they will never do business with you. That is why you must optimize your profile for outreach and getting inbound clients.

A good profile has the following characteristics and features:

  • A clear call to action for inbound leads.
  • Contact information just in case they would like to inquire about your services.
  • A great profile picture is professional.
  • Credentials and experience to prove that you are capable of delivering services.

And those are just some of the key features. There are other bells and whistles that you could include in your profile as you gain more experience in attracting clients.


2. Define Who You Want to Serve


LinkedIn has a very advanced search feature, so you can find exactly who you want. If you want to find bar owners in Wisconsin, then it is pretty easy with the search feature. Heck, you can even search for graduates of a certain college.

The hardest part is identifying who you want to do business with and finding them is pretty easy. A business without a clear strategy for who they want to serve is a death sentence for any business, and especially with a digital business.

After your profile is top-notch and has you looking like an authority in the niche, then you need to define your target demographic and industry to find them on LinkedIn.


3. Become an Authority


Once your profile is set up, it is going to be in your best interest to set up your inbound lead system. Without paying for ads on the platform, you may be asking how you are going to appear in front of your client’s phone screen or computer.

The best way and cheapest way is to get inbound leads is to post useful content for your clients. Giving them free knowledge and strategies to improve their life or business is going to be an incredible way to expand your business.

Giving out free value is going to build a ton of rapport with your audience, and that will go a long way with them trusting you to do business. The conversion rate of a cold message is not great, but it can vastly improve if you are a staple in the industry and have helped them out with content before.

The best type of marketing is getting inbound leads, and this is the best way to get clients organically.


4. Advertising


The first way of becoming an authority is the free version of getting inbound leads but paying for advertising on the platform is probably the best way if you have extra money to spend on ads.

Once you have your target customers, now you can just type in your desired customer to target through the ads on LinkedIn. Notice that the first tip is also essential for this plan of action.

You could have the best ads ever and they could be turning into profile visits, but if your profile looks like crap then you are not going to get any messages or leads. LinkedIn is known for having very high conversion rates on ads, so it is a perfect idea.

Just remember that other than the advertising, you need to focus on your call to action on your profile and make sure those visits end up in you getting contact information or them messaging you because they need services.


5. Engage in Groups


After you have identified who you want to serve and what kind of clients you want to work with, you should know where these people hang out on LinkedIn.

You need to strategically get in front of these groups and start the network without being spammy or very salesy at the start. Your services should sell themselves, so remember that all you need to do is gain the trust of them and then your services will sell themselves.

Business owners are pitched all the time on LinkedIn and other social media, so do not go straight for the kill in the groups. A good method is to use the authority tip above and apply it to these groups.

The long gameplay could actually be to network with your potential clients and start your own group where you can give them value. After a relationship has started in your group, you will be able to refer them to your online business.


6. Connect, and then Connect Some More


The beautiful thing about Linkedin is that you are able to connect directly with your potential customers directly as long as they click accept. Some people think that they have made it after they are connected, but that is just the start.

After you are connected with someone, you need to build rapport with them via direct messages. A great way is relevant small talk about their business and any pain points that they have. If your services can help them in the pain points of their business or life, then that is a guaranteed sale.

Top Things Not to Do When Using LinkedIn

After we started out with the positive things to do, let’s take a look at some of the things that you should refrain from doing because it can hurt your chances of growing your drop servicing business.


Spammy and Too Pushy

The thing that turns people away right from the start is if you are going straight for the close from the start. It is annoying and just plain rude to expect people to trust you and your services after 5 minutes of connecting with you.

Every relationship on LinkedIn needs to go through the proper staging and you can’t build a good relationship while networking if you are pushy for them to try your services. Most people ask when the exact right time is, but not everyone fits into an equation.

After building a relationship, you will have a gut feeling when the time is right to move in for the sale with most people. The key is to ask for the sale, but if you do it in a spammy way you will not close the deal for your services.


Be Unprofessional

Some businesses out there are seeing success in being more “real” and down to earth, but that does not have a place on LinkedIn. When dealing with professional people, you need to always be professional and not ever use slang or curse words when networking with them.

Instagram outreach might be successful with those methods, but the type of clients that are on LinkedIn are going to respond best when you are very well mannered and are respectful to the business owners.


No Call to Action

You could have the greatest ads, profile, and knowledge but never get any clients for your drop servicing business. That may be shocking to you, but that can happen if you do not have a call to action.

If your profile does not say what you do, how you can help, and highlights the next steps to proceed with you, then you are never going to get inbound sales.

You simply need to have a clear statement of how you can help them and how they can contact you or become a client of your services. Without it, people will be confused. Not asking for the sale is going to leave a lot of money on the table for you in the future.

Hopefully, after clearing the air on what to do on LinkedIn for client outreach, you have a better understanding. Also, I laid out rules of what not to do on the platform so you can see success.


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By Darius Gaynor

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