How to Get New High Ticket


Do you want to start getting new high ticket clients for your digital business?

This is my exact strategy for how I consistently get new sales opportunities and get clients for drop servicing.

I call it “The Passion Connect Method”.

You need to sound passionate about your drop servicing offers and try to start connecting with new people every day.

I have a rule and if you follow this rule. You will see more sales opportunities. The rule is to contact and connect with a minimum of 10 new people a day. You can contact 100 or more people a day if you want, but no less than 10 people.

The Passion Connect method is all about making new relationships and gaining new partnerships by using outreach and organic traffic then scaling with paid ads.

This is a method that will help you go from zero sales a month to consistently making over $10,000 in net profit sales a month (success may vary but follow this to improve your chances).


If you truly are serious about being successful in drop servicing then you need to focus on these 3 important factors:

  • Outreach
  • Traffic
  • Scaling


1) Outreach


What is outreach? It is reaching out to people with the intent to get to know them, their business, and see if your offers can help them.

This step is a lot easier when you have a niche for the digital services you will be reselling. You want to be where your target audience is hanging out online. You have to start connecting with more people.

Not just with potential clients, but also with potential partners in your niche who already have clients that can use the digital services you are selling.

How do you get clients for your services? Spend time on the platforms they use.


Social Media

There are many platforms where your potential clients are spending time watching, reading, and engaging. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, and more (make sure to join our dropservicing subreddit and Facebook group).

You can easily connect with your prospects by taking a friendly outreach approach. You can turn strangers into clients for your drop servicing startup. This is how you can start drop servicing with no money.

I recommend sending personalized messages to prospects on social media. You do not want to sound like a bot or an automated message. You want to make a comment about their profile or content.



For example, “Hey (name)! I like your last post about the real estate market. How is business going?”

Another approach is asking questions like they are a past friend. For example, “Hey (name), how have you been? I see that you are in the insurance industry. How is it going?”

One strategy I like to do before messaging is liking their comment or post and sending them a quick reply or comment. Then I message the person privately. It increases the chances of starting a conversation.


Networking apps

My little secret weapons are using networking apps like Bumble Bizz or Catalyse. You swipe people left or right that are looking to network with other professionals or business owners.

Once you both swipe each other right, you can message each other. On Bumble Bizz, women still have to message you first. On the other apps, you can message your connections first. This is a great way to get new clients for drop servicing.

Linkedin is the biggest platform in the world for professionals and business owners. Learn how to use their sales navigator for outreach on their B2B social network. I wrote in the previous post about using Linkedin to find new clients.


Blogs, Forums, and Membership sites

There are many blogs, forums, and membership sites online where your target industry may be engaging. You can use Google to find these websites.

You can make comments on blog posts, reply in forums, or join membership groups to engage with their community. Answer questions and provide value, watch your leads increase over time.

BlogTyrant was the first-ever website to mention my past startup KickRank in a blog post. It happened after commenting on previous blog posts. I also used to post in forums like BlackHatWorld and WarriorForum. Quora was another big website where I answered questions and it drove traffic to my website.


Local Networking Events

Local events will be back to popping again. Your potential clients might be at events, conferences, or masterminds.

Think about it! If you go to where most realtors are at a local event and you are reselling real estate sales funnels or real estate marketing. You will stand out from the crowd (don’t forget your business cards).


Cold Email Marketing

Emails are still popular after all these years. I still use email to enjoy reading content, promote my drop services, reply back to questions, share tips, send updates, and more.

You should send personalized emails just like with messaging on social media. You can collect emails from prospects’ websites and you can send a cold email blast using LemList.


You do not want your emails to end up in the spam folder. I recommend using a different domain from your drop servicing domain just in case. Order the Ultimate Bundle to learn more about email copywriting and outreach.


Cold Calling People

Most people are afraid to pick up the phone and start dialing. If you have any experience with cold calling then you know it is not easy, but after going through rejections you do finally get a “YES”.

You can find people’s phone numbers on their website and give them a call. It is easier when the decision-maker does not have a gatekeeper.

The goal is to get to the decision-maker and to book an appointment unless they are free at the moment.


Partnerships and Buyer’s lists

There are plenty of potential partners in the same niche as your drop servicing startup. When I was in the crowdfunding niche, I reached out to a crowdfunding software company.

We partnered up and they sent me new crowdfunding campaign leads that were using their software.

Reach out to software companies, agencies, or other businesses in the same niche as you. They already have the leads they turned into sales (if someone was sold once, they can be sold again).

For example, if you offer e-commerce marketing then partner up with an e-commerce software provider or with an agency that only does e-commerce store development (clients will need marketing).


Outreach is all about connecting and communicating with new people. Take action!

2)  Organic Traffic

What is organic traffic? It is when you get traffic from online to your website without paying for ads or promotions.

I love when new leads come to me organically and you will too! Organic traffic is when visitors come to your websites from search engines like Google or social media channels like Instagram.

The first drop servicing business that I created myself called “KickRank” had thousands of organic traffic coming in every month from Google.

How did I do it? By blog content and link building to rank the articles on the first page of Google.


Search Engine

People search on Google or other search engines like Bing to solve their problems and learn more about something.

Google’s traffic has buyer intent. The social media traffic is impulsive buying (remember that!).


Social Media

To drive organic traffic from social media to your drop servicing website, you will need to post valuable content.

It can be from sharing your blog, creating a new video, infographic posts, or just written content.

You will need to put hashtags with your content so it can be discovered when people are searching.

Organic traffic is the best because people discover your content or find you first, so you get warm leads.


3) Paid Advertising


What is paid advertising? It is when you pay a platform or someone to promote your offers to their users or audience. You can pay per click or other options.

When it comes to growing or scaling a service business, you should re-invest in ads.

If you have a marketing budget when you first start, then test out which ad copies and targeting work best.

Most people don’t have a large marketing budget to start, so you have to begin with outreach and organic traffic. Once you get sales, put a percentage of the net profits back into running ads.


Advertising Platforms

The most popular online advertising platforms are Google/YouTube and Facebook/Instagram.

Your ads on Google will be shown above the organic search results if you chose search engine only (display ads are another option). Your video ads on YouTube will be shown before the video begins or somewhere in the middle.

While people are searching for content on Google or watching videos on YouTube, they can see your ads.

For Facebook and Instagram, your ads will be shown in the newsfeed, stories, or other areas on their platform. You get to choose where you want your ads to be seen (I prefer the newsfeed).

You can advertise on other platforms such as Bing, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and Reddit. Find what works best for your drop servicing offers, but it will most likely be Google or Facebook.


Paid advertising is the best for generating more leads and scaling your business. 


The Passion Connect Method is the exact strategy I use to get clients for drop servicing. Follow this method to go from zero to making thousands of dollars a month.


This is how you can get more clients and more leads for your sales pipeline. You can use SumoGrowth to manage your pipeline.


There is an abundance of money in this world and it is in people’s pockets. Help people with digital services and go get it!


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